The foundation  of Piramit, which was established by Metin Aroyo in 1987, were laid in an office, which did not even have a telephone, with one secretary and one office boy. Aroyo, who had begun the profession as an artistic director in the leading agencies of the sector, such as Radar Reklam, Manajans / Thompson and Grafika Lintas, began to work on extremely attention grabbing projects with Piramit, which he had grown step by step, and in 1992, entered into a partnership with ManAjans / JWT Thompson, where he had previously worked as an office junior, thereby putting his name to a great achievement.

Thus the period of kneading design quality with the “Thompson Way” of thinking and approaching matters exactly as an advertiser would start. As a result of the research carried out by Para magazine concerning to the pace of growth during the period between 1992-1996, it obtained the title of the fastest growing agency in Turkey. 

Piramit, which ended its partnership with Manajans / JW Thompson in an amicable manner in 1997, did not lose anything from the pace of its growth. It won all of the pitches it entered into in 1998, thereby doubling its turnover. It was one of the very few growing agencies which came out of the other side of all of the crises experienced by Turkey.

With its continuously improved performance for 30 years, its own unique and easily distinguishable style and structure which adheres strictly to the ethics of advertising, Piramit is an advertising agency which competes head to head with the biggest, while remaining 100% domestically owned.


You will see when you examine the work of Piramit that it consists of a “central perception”, where each idea which has been reached will mobilise an inherent gut instinct and have people saying, “that’s it, exactly”, in the face of a need in society.

Our creative solutions do not just create public opinion; they latch on to an underlying impulse which will induce sales and contribute to the image and activate it. That is to say, they place the “emotional” touch which will conquer the heart of the consumer on to a “rational” base. 




Akkök, Borusan, Elginkan


Nuh'un Gemisi, Kaya Artemis Resort, Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort, Kaya Palazzo Ski & Mountain Resort,Kaya Ramada Plaza, Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort, Kaya Belek,Kaya Side,Greenpark, Kaya İzmir Thermal & Convention, Hannover Exhibition

Durable Consumer Goods - Household Appliances

Vestel, Arzum


Denizbank, Yapı Kredi, ING Bank, T Bank, Destek Gayrimenkul


LIV Hospital, Roche, Bayer, Dünyagöz


Honda, Karsan, Kanuni, Vdf, Moted, Chrysler, Isuzu, CAT


Telsim,Genpa, Bilgitaş, Aidata, BenQ, Panasonic, Oracle, Vestel Bilişim, Logo Yazılım

Building and Construction Materials

Seapearl, Sanicor, Lineadecor, Garanti Koza&Akiş&Corio /Akkoza, Aşçıoğlu/ Selenium Residence, Country, Twins, Panorama,Doğa Gayrimenkul / Emirgan Evleri, Meşe Park Evleri, Akın Gayrimenkul / Addres, İş Koray / Casaba, Korkmaz Yiğit / Platin Konutları, Dumankaya / Çekmeköy Evleri, Gizlibahçe Konakları, Yenişehir Aydın İnşaat / Dokuz Palmiye, İntes / Park Tarabya Villaları,Emlak Bankası ve Vakıfbank İşbirliği / Ataköy Galaria, Marina, Borusan Mannesman, Borçelik, Kerim Çelik

Food and Beverage

Konya Şeker, Billur Tuz, Konyalı, Netto, Antalya Alkollü İçecek / Topkapı, Abbas, Gorzalka, Abant Su


Demsa / Mexx, Mothercare, Laura Ashley, Gülaylar, Zeki Triko, Polaris, Coats, Mithat, Mendos


Milliyet, Sözcü

Personal Care

Evyap (Arko, Blade, Emotion, Privacy), Fin Spor


Bellona, Pronet, Marm Assistance, Borusan Lojistik, SEV Eğitim Vakfı