A Success Story
Piramit was founded in 1987 by Metin Aroyo, in an office without even a phone, with just a secretary and an office boy.

Aroyo, who had started his career as an art director in leading agencies such as Radar Reklam, Manajans/ Thompson and Grafika Lintas, started to do extremely interesting projects at Piramit. He built the agency step by step; and achieved a big success in 1992 in the shape of a partnership with JWT/ ManAjans Thompson, with whom he had worked as a junior before.

Thus began the period when the “Thompson Way” of thinking shaped the design and quality, subjects were approached just like an advertiser. Piramit became the fastest growing agency in Turkey in a survey conducted on growth rates in 1992-1996 by Para magazine.

In 1997, Piramit had a friendly break-up with
Manajans/ JW Thompson, and kept up with its rate of growth.

The agency increased its turnover two-folds in 1998 by winning all the concours it participated in, and became one of the rare agencies that managed to grow despite all the crises.

With its increasing performance for over 25 years and its original, distinguished style as well as strict conformity with advertising ethics, Piramit is a 100% local ad agency that competes head-to-head with the greatest...
Piramit people knew how wrong it is just to play the role of an advertiser, and instead focus on finding the “advertising solution” to carry their customers to the correct targets. In contrast to the creatives who only produce ads for award winning, they develop campaigns contributing to the image, sales and strategic planning of the brand, while at the same time being noticed. They do not categorize projects as big or small; and act in the awareness that every little step taken is a big investment in the company’s future.

Another objective for Piramit is to undertake long term projects and relationships. It pays attention to the sustainability and how to improve is a creative work right at the inception.

It has long term relationships with its customers. The greatest reason behind this is showing the same level of attention to every project, without taking anything for granted. Reviewing the customer portfolio, it’s seen that even customers who have parted their ways with Piramit at one point cannot forget the service they received, and come back. It is clearly obvious in the agency’s history and in the comments of those choosing to work with Piramit: In an industry where countless agencies come and go every day and are sometimes exhausted because of various reasons; Piramit will always be one of the leading agencies in the industry, with its “spotless name” and “capabilities whereby a brand may easily commit its future to it.”