Our aim is to create brands that are embraced with a passion.
Why are we committed to some brands with a passion? We do not notice even if they offer us a much better one. Most of the time, we do not even accept that there can be any better, anyway...

In fact, this commitment might occasionally be transformed into a “dependency”. When a logo, a name, or an emblem represent much more than they actually mean, when it represents a whole way of life and establish an emotional connection with its customer, we see a brand emerge that we call a ‘lovemark.”

When we think of the secret behind this priceless loyalty, we see a couple of important factors...
Emotional values attached to the brand, promises overlapping one-on-one with the customer’s needs, and a purposeful, planned, and sustained investment in order to become and stay a ‘lovemark’.
Another factor that has gained significant importance today is to create brands that “can sell with greater profit”.

The environmentalist, nature- and people-friendly consumer profile which is on the increasing trend worldwide, challenges brands to improve their social aspects.
The customer with awareness transcends the ‘value for money’ concept, and starts to think: ‘What can my brand do for me?’. So the rising trend now is to promise more (http://trendwatching.com/briefing/), and to offer more services.

For example, the only difference between getting a credit card with a particular set of features from Bank A or Bank B is most of the time only the closeness and loyalty felt to the brand.

In short, a ‘lovemark’ is not born, it’s created. For this, it’s necessary to take care of the brand and invest in it.

As Piramit, our aim is to make each one of our brands a ‘lovemark’ through correct strategies.

By considering the needs of our customers, by adding a new building stone on every step, and by being committed with love...