Working with Piramit means being welcomed with a smiling face and sent off with good projects. We thank you very much for your efforts to communicate our brand and image in the best way. You have always understood and supported us in the best way, and we believe our cooperation will continue in this manner.
Aslı Kurtuluş - Kerim Çelik
Sales Support Specialist
For us, Piramit symbolizes innovation. While our company was undergoing significant transformation, the Piramit people were always with us. I remember how excited we were when the designs for the new box were first sent to us. We made almost no alterations on those designs. In summary, “Piramit: Opens up a New Horizon”.
Atakan Yıldırım
Supsan Group Manager Commercial Units
Piramit functions like a secret partner aiding us in all business relationships, rather than an ad agency.

Piramit showed us how critically important it is to choose the correct agency.
Atilla Duman
Abant Su General Manager
There is no end to requests in life, particularly to a customer’s requests... As soon as something is over, one starts to seek a new purpose. Sometimes one wants it black, sometimes white, sometimes it’s too small, sometimes too big, sometimes color is sought and sometimes simplicity... But more than all these wishes, people want to be given priority, they want to be understood, they want their job to be done before everyone else’s.

The Piramit Team, who have responded to our endless requests with the same enthusiasm each time, who have unlocked all our problems like a locksmith day and night, who have taken it one step further every time on their own initiative; we are so glad to have you...
Aylin Ganiç
Borusan Mannesmann Marketing
and Corporate Communication
You should know that whatever happens, a “deadline” is a deadline not only for us, but also for Piramit, and the tasks are always done in time.

With Piramit, the difference is created by not only in seeking a solution, but also in being eager to find a solution.
Bikem Bayazıt
Avea Marketing Communication
The greatest difference in Piramit’s services is in their quality concept. Their professional approach as well as care taken for the timing of their services, different and innovative solutions, their realistic definition of needs have always been foremost. The Customer Relations department has always communicated with the same good humor despite insistent and exhausting questions from time to time. Your accessibility at all times as a team, and friendly approach always make us feel that we’re in safe hands.
Burcu Çalışkan / Alp Aral
Borusan Makina ve Güç Sistemleri Marketing
Piramit was one of our solution partners at the time when Telsim was turned over to TMSF. Working with Piramit means for me a warm relationship and being solution-oriented. It’s an agency that I’ve always been happy to work with...
Can Yurdakul
Vodafone Brand Communications
Department Manager
Piramit Ajans has been working with Borusan Holdin for many years, and as Borusan EnBW Enerji, we have been cooperating with them since 2009, when we were first established. Piramit has an approach that reflects the dynamism of the energy industry, in which we have our operations, on to its work in a creative way; and that most of the time makes the impossible possible with their good-humored and work-oriented team. We believe that with this team, who identify the target group and customer wishes well, and who empathize with the customer to work incessantly for seeking alternative solutions, we shall make many more memorable projects together.
Canan Coşkun Güleç
Borusan EnBW Advertisement and PR
Working with Piramit is like feeling part of a family. You tried to offer the most suitable solution for all our requests in the shortest possible time. Your patience and results-oriented approach in all matters, increased the quality of the accomplished job even more.

If, as a customer, you want an accessible agency, that’s Piramit. If you want an agency that’s solution-oriented, that’s Piramit. Most of all, if you want an agency to be quick, that’s definitely Piramit.
Deniz Sahan
INGBank Corporate Communications
We set out to do fine projects together... I believe that we had a good synergy with the good humor of the customer team, their approach where they are always ready to offer support, and the projects they produced as an agency. Working with Piramit makes you feel the comfort of always having a life-jacket ready.

“Speed” is their integral aspect – they are always with us to offer support.
Ebru Özel Bozkurt
Avea Marketing Communications
I offer my thanks to Piramit, who have been with us day and night for 7 years, and who have contributed to our brand image with their most creative designs; for being with us and for adding value to us.
Elif Aygül
Borçelik Corporate Communications
Department Manager
Piramit is an agency that has managed to become a team. You make the customer feel that you value them. Your presentations are effective, and I believe this is because of your dedication to your work, and your passion. Where necessary, you defend your opinions without compromise, and this inspires trust in the customer...
Ercan Ecemiş
Lineadecor Chairman of the Board
It was first an office at Gayrettepe... There were no past awards... I saw only the enthusiasm and targets of a young man, who has preserved his youth to this day. He gave all his energy to his work...

It has been no less than 20 years now. When I think of the memories since 1992 in retrospect; I see an agency which preserved its dynamism through time. In their excellent offices today, Piramit has become a large family that does not feel the burden of passing years, that’s full of a child’s energy. Piramit, with whom I continue to work with pleasure with a trust gained over 20 years, is always with us as a company that has proven itself many times. Sometimes not bowing to our ideas, sometimes overachieving with them...
Fahir Gürsoy
Mithat Giyim Member of the Board
Piramit’s greatest characteristic making them stand out among the others is that they have a team who understand what you say in the way you mean it, that read between the lines and show empathy. The team you get to know stay as the team you get to meet afterwards; you do not explain yourself all over again to new people every day. They support you and your history with the enthusiasm of that first day.
Gamze Dinçkök Yücaoğlu
Akenerji Financial Audit and Risk management Director
We have worked with Piramit for 4 years in excellent projects for Aromel brands. For me, working with them means:

Knowing that they will always want the best for you and strive to achieve it; trusting completely, enjoying every moment of working together, seeing with pleasure that it’s possible to be realistic and creative at the same time; agency and customer relationship being transformed into two partners moving forward side by side, communication being on very high levels, sharing challenges and finally sharing happiness and success.
Gonca Kalkavan
Evyap Marketing Manager
Piramit is an agency that you can trust with your eyes closed.
Within the time one works with Piramit, one observes that; It’s a place where promises are kept, fast solutions are found even at the most stressful times, and a close relationship is forged.
Sometimes a difficult period is overcome together; sometimes it’s a day for laughter and conversation. But most important of all, the perpetually positive and solution-oriented team always stands by you.
Gökçe Alat
INGBank Maketing Communications
As Honda Turkey, we have undertaken many successful projects with Piramit Ajans, and worked in harmony for many years.

I would like to thank Piramit and its creative team here once more, with whom we have worked in complete coordination and harmony on many launches and campaigns, for all their efforts.

From the creative team to the customer relations group, they have acted in all levels like a complete solution partner who always supported us and never left us alone,
Güray Yücel
Honda Türkiye Marketing Manager
What does Piramit mean for me?

Piramit is an agency that’s easy to communicate with,
that understands and responds to our wishes,
that can produce creative solutions even when stressed for time,
that can adapt to changing conditions and expectations,
that combine institutionalism with creativity, that is principled,
and that aims to make the customer happy in every project undertaken.
İpek Badırgalı
Ak-Kim Marketing Unit Manager
We work with a dedicated and extremely positive team. First of all, you have empathy. You are a systematic agency, and a dependable business partner. Your innovative and creative vision is reflected on to our projects as our common language.
İstem Akkoyunlu
Doluca Pazarlama
We have worked with Piramit Ajans on brand positioning during the restructuring of Vestel at the beginning of the 2000’s. Metin Aroyo and his team internalized Vestel, and worked with a dedication as if it were their own brand. They structured themselves to continually improve our brand. Like in all business partnerships, they have, I believe, balanced in the best way the communication of our strategic long term targets as customers, and the tactical short term sales needs...
Levent Hatay
Founding Member, Levent Hatay Consultancy (;
CEO, Perabayt AŞ (;
General Manager and Executive Board Member, Vestel Group of Companies
Working with Piramit is like working with an advertising agency that’s part of one’s own company. Piramit is an agency that considers one’s wishes and those of one’s brands, that shows one’s brand as one wants it to be shown, and that’s creative and research-based. It’s an agency that values each brand the same way and that adds many things to increase the brand’s value; that’s accessible any time; and that gives answers to one’s questions. For us, working with Piramit is feeling one’s self and one’s brand valuable.
Lora Kohen Yanarocak
Optomod (Exess Eyeglasses)
Knowing that you’re in safe hands, and being sure of this at all times. This is the feeling we have always experienced during our partnership for over five years now. They have always supported us with their creativity and know-how in times of crisis.
Nurcan Ateş
Kaya Holding Corporate
Communications Director
Piramit Advertising Agency is a business partner that Evyap is happy to have been working together for many years in Turkey. With their experienced team, successful creative projects and solution-oriented approach, they have been adding value to our brands since the first day. They have been successfully conducting the complete communication campaign for Arko Nem skincare cream, which is the leader in its category, in addition to our brands in the Eau de Toilette and deodorant categories under the umbrella of Aromel (Blade, Emotion, Privacy, Tattoo and Saten)

I sincerely wish for Piramit’s energy, diversity, and creativity to continue...
Mustafa Arın
Evyap Member of the Executive Board, Marketing - R&D
Back when I was the General Manager at Finspor, we decided to have a marketing campaign that was big enough to be considered a first for our company. Naturally, we did not have a big budget as a medium sized company, but we wanted to emphasize both our retail operations, and also our e-trade business, which we had been restructuring. During this process, we had the opportunity to work with Piramit. The care they have shown without consideration of the scope of our budget, their efforts to understand us better than we did, their approach to us as a business partner rather than a customer, their focus on long term progress rather than short-term gains as well as on growing and earning together, and the fast and creative solutions they have proposed made them stand out from among several companies that we had negotiated with. During the process when we decided to work together and had this opportunity, they have shown us very clearly how right we were in making this decision and how true were our impressions above.
Orhan Gürsoy
Mudo Deputy General Manager for
Supply Chain
A super team that’s much more meticulous, strive for perfection, and careful than the client. They definitely inspire confidence. They have the ability to undertake a project that requires dozens of creative ideas, and come up with great proposals in less than 24 hours. Working with them is a big chance for brand managers.
Özge Tan
Dünya Göz Marketing and Corporate Communications Group Deputy Manager
When I first started working with Piramit during my time at Kuralkan - Kanuni, I was under another briefing stress. One had to express one’s self to people who did not know about your company or your industry at all; and help the promotion and advertisement strategies to be prepared by the agency channeled in the right direction.

All the briefings until that day had been boring. The first meeting with the Piramit team was as relieving as being ill for days and finding the right doctor at last. Briefing is not so bad after all, I said to myself. First the needs were defined, then real strategies and alternatives were proposed. All the projects were good, and we archived even those we did not choose, to be used next year. There couldn’t have been a better set-up or follow-up by an agency. For the first time ever, I was working with a team that had no excuses, and that did not leave any issues without a solution.

I wish all of you the same.
Sait Orhan
Asya Motor General Manager
Working with Piramit, you can be sure of one thing: Whatever happens, your need or problem will definitely be solved. This is the greatest luxury your supplier can offer you in your busy agenda. This is what makes Piramit different; the feeling that you are in safe hands...
Seyhan Cömert
Borusan Lojistik Communications Manager
While working with you, one feels as if you are our department, you belong to us.
We are so confident when we assign the subject to you, we have the feeling that there will definitely be some very creative proposals coming on!
During the implementation or at the end, you feel so much like “us” that our cooperation is on the top level.
Sibel Bekler
Ak-Kim Human Resources and Management Systems Director
Piramit impresses us by finding a solution for all issues, at all times.

Piramit’s original approach, their being solution-oriented, their speed and the good humor of the team are the most important characteristics for us, and have enabled us to work in harmony since six years.
Şerife Füsun Ömür
Akkök Human Resources Director
The agency that understands about the spirit of the brand...
There’s only one thing that communication professionals in companies value and care for: Their brand.
Piramit, as a strategic business partner for Borusan for over 8 years, produces communication solutions in line with the essence of our brand. In the most clear, sincere, and fastest way...
Şule Yücebıyık
Borusan Holding Corporate Communications Manager
Piramit Ajans is a company that produces solutions while carefully listening to you, that embodies institutionalization and team spirit, that can transcend the ad agency-customer relationship and become like family with your company, that can be stressed or happy together with you, that considers every penny spent and aims to make you earn lots more, that does not like copy designs, that can transcend even farsightedness and can use creativity endlessly, that does not compromise its principles, and that’s NECESSARY FOR EVERYONE..

For LÖSEV in particular, it’s A PEERLESS AGENCY! They see us among their most important customers and display a degree of sensitivity and giving that is beyond social responsibility without asking for a penny; that internalize the problems of kids with leukemia and always ask themselves what more they can do! WE BELIEVE THEY ARE A PEERLESS AGENCY!
Üstün Ezer
LÖSEV Chairman of the Board
* Names listed in alphabetical order.